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bolz conservatory home to tropical plants and wildlife

Bolz Conservatory Wildlife

Olbrich's Bolz Conservatory is also home to a few types of wildlife including birds, fish, frogs, geckos, and insects.

Free-flying birds including Canaries, Waxbills, and Coturnix Quail, enjoy the natural habitat of the Conservatory. Reputable suppliers domestically raised all the birds in the Conservatory.

Canaries range in color from brown to orange to yellow and are the size of a parakeet. They are native to the Canary Islands. Waxbills are smaller than sparrows and are red to buff to gray in color. Waxbills are native to Central Africa. Canaries and waxbills are often seen flying around the treetops, roosting in the taller trees, or feeding at a feeder station. Look for flashes of color among the trees and listen to their gleeful chirping.

Coturnix quail are brown and gray and stand about eight inches in height. They are native to Asia. The quail are solely ground birds and can be seen scratching at the ground under the protective cover of plants. The quail also provide control of harmful insects.

Fish: Goldfish and Koi, a large, colorful form of carp, live in the pond and stream.

Amphibians: Tree frogs and toads came in on some of the plant material. They are occasionally heard, but seldom seen.

Reptiles: House and Mediterranean geckos were released in December 1992. They are diurnal (active during the day), about six inches long, and quite harmless to humans. Visitors seldom see these small animals.

Insects: Beneficial insects like green lacewing and pirate bugs are periodically released into the Conservatory to feed on harmful insects. These insects are part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system and have eliminated the need for insecticide spraying.

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