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bolz conservatory mimics a tropical rainforest

Bolz Conservatory Plants

The Bolz Conservatory's collection of plants mimics the great diversity of plants that exists within the world's tropical forests. From the towering palms to the huge-leaved Xanthosoma, look for both new and familiar plants. Many common food and spice plants are found in the Conservatory as well.

Like natural rainforest habitats, the Bolz Conservatory houses emergent and canopy trees that grow tall to capture the sun, while the under story and ground-dwelling plants are spread horizontally in their search for more sunlight. The leaves of the ground-dwelling plants are large and broad to catch the rays of the sun.

Some of the plants in the Bolz Conservatory's collection are endangered. Olbrich's plant collecting has been focused mainly on areas that are in imminent threat of destruction with the goal being that Olbrich might be able to do its part in conserving endangered plants and educating the public about the delicate balance of a tropical ecosystem. Tropical forests are the earth's most diverse habitat, and home to at least half of all species on earth, even though they cover less than five percent of the land surface. Unfortunately, the tropical rainforest is one of the most endangered habitats on earth. The current rate of rainforest deforestation is astounding, with five times the area of the Bolz Conservatory being destroyed every second.

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