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Perennial Plant Sale

 Online Only

Spring marks the beginning of a new cycle of seasons and would not be the same without Olbrich Gardens' annual Perennial Plant Sale!

The 2023 online Perennial Plant Sale features a selection of tried and true perennial varieties from Walters Gardens and Midwest Groundcovers. Olbrich’s horticulturists carefully select unique plants that do best in this climate. Find the newest, hardiest, most disease-resistant cultivars on the market at Olbrich Gardens’ Perennial Plant Sale!

2023 Plant List

Plant Sale Volunteers


Sale Dates

Wednesday, February 1 @ 10 am - Curated perennial trays- SHOP ONLINE HERE

Tuesday, April 18 @ 10 am - Individually potted perennials


  • Plants in your cart remain in the sale inventory until your checkout process is completed.
    • If an item is purchased by another customer before your transaction is completed, it may no longer be available to you.
    • This message will appear at the top of your cart list – “One or more of your items is no longer available. Your cart has been updated."
  • If you do not receive a receipt via email your purchase did not go through.
  • Olbrich Garden gift cards cannot be used as payment through Square - only for Olbrich Growing Gifts shop merchandise.



DONATION - Consider making an additional donation as part of your plant sale order in support of the Gardens.



Curbside pick-ups are scheduled from Friday, May 5 to Friday, May 12 between 12-6 p.m.

Pick-up Appointments

  • Customers will receive an email from an Olbrich staff member confirming their assigned pick-up day. The pick-up day email will be sent by May 1. 


Plant Information

Looking for more information on a specific plant - contact Olbrich's Horticulture Librarian, Eva Stefanski.

Ordering & Pick-ups

If you have questions regarding online ordering, assigned pick-ups times or problems with an order post pick up contact Olbrich’s Program Specialist, Mike Gibson via email or by phone 608-243-0156.

Curated Perennial Trays

Transform an entire garden area with an Olbrich Custom Tray Mix that is inspired by the Gardens and carefully curated by an Olbrich horticulturalist. Each tray mix include 6-8 plant varieties and a total of 32 plants. The plants come in a 2” plug. When plants reach full maturity they create a 50-75 square foot garden.

$130 per tray



Plug tray options

Olbrich Custom Tray Mix: Long Walk

This vibrant and naturalistic perennial garden mix is inspired by Olbrich’s new Long Walk Garden (located adjacent the Learning Center).

Mix includes (Mix subject to substitutions as needed):

  • Allium cernuum
  • Andropogon ‘Blackhawks’
  • Bouteloua ‘Honeycomb’
  • Iris versicolor ‘Purple Flame’
  • Monarda ‘Midnight Oil’
  • Penstemon ‘Pocahontas’
  • Rudbeckia ‘Sweet as Honey’
  • Solidago shortii ‘Sugar Kisses’


Plug tray options

Olbrich Custom Tray Mix: Soft Landings

Create a safe, shady garden patch for beneficial insects. Ideal for planting under a tree canopy.

Mix includes (Mix subject to substitutions as needed):

  • Aster divaricata
  • Carex albicans
  • Carex pennsylvanica
  • Geranium maculatum
  • Polystichum acrostichoides
  • Scutellaria incana
  • Tiarella cordifolia


Plug tray options

Olbrich Custom Tray Mix: Hot Spot

Drought tolerant, pollinator pleasing mix for a full sun garden. Modeled after Olbrich’s Gravel Gardens. 

Mix includes (Mix subject to substitutions as needed):

  • Allium ‘Pink Planet’
  • Asclepias tuberosa
  • Bouteloua curtipendula
  • Calamintha nepeta ssp nepeta
  • Dianthus carthusianorum
  • Echinacea angustifolia
  • Sesleria autumnalis
  • Sporobolus heterolepis



Olbrich Botanical Gardens continues to be a leader in sustainable gardening in the Midwest, by choosing plants that are not only beautiful and well-adapted to the conditions of their sites, but also good for our planet. Plant species incorporated at Olbrich are selected for their innate ability to enhance our environment and contribute to the food web that supports insects of all kinds, which then support small reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds.

How do these new plant offerings support the Gardens' mission?

  • Reduced plastic waste
    • Plant plugs share a single tray versus individual pots.
  • Reduced fossil fuels
    • Plug trays help fit many plants in a small space for shipping.
  • Strong root systems
    • Plugs - small soil volume and vertical design of each plug promotes healthy rooting, with lots of roots supporting a relatively small mass of top growth.
  • Value - Good for the planet & good for YOU!
    • Reducing growing supplies and shipping costs = good prices!

We have a saying when using plugs,

"Buy the plant, not the pot and soil"

All proceeds directly benefit the mission and daily operations of Olbrich Botanical Gardens!



Olbrich Botanical Gardens is operated as a public-private partnership between the City of Madison Parks Division and the Olbrich Botanical Society.
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