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Olbrich Botanical Society Annual Reports & Tax Documents                      


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2016 Annual Report (PDF) arrow 2016 OBS Tax Return Form 990 (PDF) arrow
2017 Annual Report (PDF) arrow 2017 OBS Tax Return Form 990 (PDF) arrow
2018 Annual Report (PDF) arrow 2018 OBS Tax Return Form 990 (PDF)arrow

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2023 Olbrich Botanical Society Board of Directors                                        

Ex officio Directors
Advisors to the Board


Alnisa Allgood

Vice President

Susan Goodwin


Maurice C. Sheppard


Laura Peterson

Past President

Philip Bradbury


Julie Bernauer

Renee Boyce

Matt Cornwell

Bethany Ordaz

Bill Patek

Juscha E.M. Robinson

Julie Rupert

Sandra H. Statz

Betty Chewning,

SASY Neighborhood Association Representative

Liz Dannenbaum,

District 15 Alder Designee

Moira Harrington ,

Madison Board of Park Commissioners Representative

Eric Knepp,

Madison Parks Superintendent

Laurel Neverdahl,

Olbrich Garden Club President

Tanya Zastrow,

Olbrich Botanical Gardens Director

Fred Anderson

Jack Bolz

JT Covelli

Julie Herfel

Kevin Hess

Jeff Levy

Dale Mathwich

Mary Phillips

Barbara Tensfeldt Paul Williams


2023 Olbrich Botanical Society Foundation Board of Directors

Ex officio Directors


   Sandy Dolister

Vice President

   Timothy W. Sherry


   Dennis Birke

Jack Bolz

Ann Casey

Jeff Levy

Dan Matson

Alnisa Allgood, OBS President

Philip Bradbury, OBS Past President

Laura Peterson, OBS Treasurer

Tanya Zastrow, Olbrich Botanical

   Gardens Executive Director



Olbrich Botanical Gardens aspires to be a destination where all visitors, volunteers, and staff are valued and feel they belong. With conscious intent and continuous learning, Olbrich Botanical Gardens' staff, volunteers, and board will address barriers to inclusion through education, operational changes, and partnerships with the community.


GuideStar Exchange SealGuideStar Exchange Seal

The Olbrich Botanical Society received the GuideStar Exchange Seal, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability provided by GuideStar USA, Inc., the premier source of nonprofit information. The Seal demonstrates to Olbrich Botanical Society's vast support-base the deep commitment our organization has in nonprofit transparency and accountability.

In order to be awarded the GuideStar Exchange Seal, the Olbrich Botanical Society had to fill out every required field of our report page on www.guidestar.org, including our annual report, photos, videos, etc. Visit www.guidestar.org and search for "Olbrich Botanical Society" to view our report page.


Olbrich Botanical Gardens is operated as a public-private partnership between the City of Madison Parks Division and the Olbrich Botanical Society.
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