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Plant Lists

sunken garden containerFind lists of the plants used throughout the outdoor gardens and get inspiration for your own garden!

Autumn Meadow

Plant List (Spring) & Plant Photos by Season (PDFs)


Annual Containers

Olbrich's Horticulture staff use carefully selected plants arranged in unique containers to add accents and variety to each landscape. Changed out seasonally, these container gardens help give each area a new personality as the seasons progress, allowing you to encounter something new each time you visit! Use the links below to find up-to-date plant lists for the containers in all of your favorite spots around the outdoor gardens.

Event Garden  (PDF)

Bright and flashy arrangements provide spectacular flair to the weddings and events that are often hosted in this garden.

Herb Garden  (PDF)

These planters and urns often feature plants that complement the folksy, homey charm of the Herb Garden.

Jacobsen Terrace  (PDF)

Located just left of the main building entrance as you walk in, Jacobsen Terrace plays host to planters that leave a strong first impression as you enter the Gardens.

Morse Terrace, Lussier Terrace, and Donor's Arbor  (PDF)

The collection of pots located under the big Oak tree on Morse Terrace greet you as you first head into the outdoor gardens.

Perennial Garden   (PDF)

With the bountiful wildness of the Perennial Garden, these containers offer a welcome sense of calm order to the winding pathways.

Rose Garden  (PDF)

Having easily the most containers of all the gardens, the Rose Garden exudes a presense of stately elegance and poise.

Thai Garden  (PDF)

It's hard to miss the explosions of shape and color emanating from the pots located in the most tropical of all the outdoor gardens.


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