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Bee and orange flower

Celebrate Pollinators All Summer Long

All-Ages Pollinator Programming Available in 2021

We'll share more info on the programming below as the dates approach!

Who runs the world? Pollinators! Did you know that about 1 out of every 3 bites of food exists because of pollinators? Eating a crunchy almond, tasting a sweet peach, or savoring a perfectly ripe tomato wouldn’t be possible without pollinators.


'I SPY' pollinators

June 21 - July 11

Get buggy with it! Explore the gardens to discover unique pollinators and learn about their vital relationships with plants. A handout will guide you to pollinator-friendly plants where you will have a good chance of spotting the following pollinators:

  • Black Swallowtail Butterfly
  • Green Lacewing
  • Milkweed Longhorn Beetle
  • Green Sweat Bee (don't worry - this is a non-aggressive bee!)

Each child that participates in the ‘I Spy’ Pollinators will also receive a coupon for a FREE junior scoop of ice cream from our friends at Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream!

If you prefer an at-home experience, click here for a virtual pollinator celebration.

The insect world is full of amazing little superheroes that support life through pollination. Continue the exploration next summer when ‘I Spy’ Pollinators spotlights four new pollinators!


Pop Up Story Times

Dates TBD

I speak for the trees and bumble bees! Enjoy the full bloom of summer with a pollinator themed story time on the Great Lawn followed by a scavenger hunt.


Storywalk: SeÑorita Mariposa

July 12 - August 8

¡Hola mariposas! Read the dual language (Spanish & English) children's book Señorita Mariposa as you stroll the gardens and find each page displayed along the pathway. Rhyming text and lively illustrations take readers on an epic trip as they follow the monarch butterfly traveling thousands of miles south to Mexico at the end of summer. “Over the mountains capped with snow, to the deserts down below.” Children will be delighted to share in the fascinating journey of monarchs and be introduced to the different people and places monarchs pass before finally arriving to the forests their ancestors called home.


Pollinator Plant Sale - Autumn

Starts Monday, August 9

Plant pick-up on Thursday, September 2

Keep 'em coming! This sale features late summer and fall blooming nectar plants that support pollinators during the shoulder season.


2021 Pollinator Partners

John J. Frautschi Family Foundation

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

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