Olbrich Home Rooted and Growing

2018 Home Garden Tour

StatueFriday, July 13 & Saturday, July 14

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Featuring Treasures of Tenney-Lapham & Maple Bluff

Olbrich's 2018 Home Garden Tour spotlights seven splendid gardens throughout Maple Bluff and the historic Tenney-Lapham neighborhood.

Although this collection of gardens spans a wide variety of styles, tastes, and techniques, they all achieve the common goal of creating a welcoming space for one to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Learn how a meandering pocket garden was converted from a barren parking lot into a quiet place of respite amid the bustle of the city. Wander among the lush explosions of color and texture of a street-side tropical garden surrounding an historic B&B. Take in landscaped lakeside vistas, the quiet charm of an English cottage garden, and even the stunning grounds of the Wisconsin Governor's Mansion.

Talk with homeowners, landscape architects, and Master Gardeners to get tips on how to incorporate various garden techniques into your own home landscape!

Tour Tickets - $12 Olbrich members / $14 public

Available starting June 1 at Olbrich's Growing Gifts Shop

2018 SPonsors

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Klein's Floral & Greenhouses

Landscape Designs, Inc.

The Flower Factory

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2018 Gardens Sneak Peek

Former Parking Lot Garden

Wisconsin Governor's Mansion Grounds

Tenney Lapham Backyard Garden

Tropical B&B Garden

Frog Container

Lakeside Terraced Garden

English Cottage Garden


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