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Sidewalk Garden Tour

2020 Sidewalk Garden Tour

Featuring an Urban Variety of Front Gardens

July 2020

Olbrich Gardens is offering a FREE reformatted garden tour opportunity that continues to connect garden enthusiasts while maintaining proper social distancing!

The Home Garden Tour Committee, is very excited to present a walk-bike thru tour of front gardens during the month of July, featuring the urban landscapes of the Marquette, Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara, and Eastmorland neighborhoods surrounding Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

Printable Tour Map (PDF)

Learn more about the importance of urban gardens and sustainable gardening practices, including the use of native plants.

There are over a hundred notable front gardens on Madison’s eastside, follow the suggested route indicated on the tour map to happen upon many additional garden gems, beyond those highlighted.

Virtual Tour Map

If you prefer to navigate the tour route using your phone as your guide, utilize the virtual tour map available in Google Maps.

  • Leisurely stroll or bike the route enjoying all of the gardens you see along the way.
  • For step by step direction use the mapping tool of your choice and plug in the addresses as you go along.

Practice Social Distance

While enjoying the Sidewalk Garden Tour, practice social distancing by maintaining 6' of distance from other patrons and consider wearing a face mask.

Please respect the homeowner's safety and privacy and remain on the sidewalk while viewing the front gardens.

Tour Sponsor: Klein's Floral & Greenhouses

Support Olbrich Botanical Gardens

General Garden Photo

Olbrich's annual Home Garden Tour is an important fundraiser that supports the mission and daily operations of the Gardens.

If you enjoy the reformatted Sidewalk Garden Tour or the weekly Virtual Garden Tours offered this July consider supporting Olbrich Gardens by making a donation. Contributions of any amount are appreciated while many of our traditional fundraising tours and exhibits have been canceled or postponed for 2020.



Garden Sculpture

Virtual Garden Tours

Share the Sights & Sounds

July 2020

During the month of July, Olbrich Gardens will feature weekly virtual garden tours showcasing the home sanctuaries of some of our perennial volunteers, board members and staff!

Virtual tours will include photos and videos clips that bring the sights and sounds of each unique garden right to you (wherever you are)!

The garden tours will be posted on Olbrich's Facebook page towards the beginning of each week. Find links to the weekly garden posts here on the Home Garden Tour webpage.

Week of July 6 – Full of Fun Foliage or PDF version

Week of July 13 – Green is a Color or PDF version

Week of July 20 – Make it POP with container gardens

Week of July 27 – A Gravel Garden Through the Seasons


2021 Home Garden Tour

(traditional format)

Anticipated 2021 Dates-

Friday, July 9 & Saturday, July 10

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Featuring Gardens of  Madison's West Side

Radio Park, University Hill Farms & Glen Oak Hills

Follow the tour map and explore exquisite home gardens that offer a look into each gardener's individual sense of creativity, imagination, and beauty. Talk with homeowners, landscape architects, and Master Gardeners to get tips on how to incorporate various garden techniques into your own home landscape!

TICKETS - $15 Public / $13 Olbrich Members

This annual two-day fundraiser supports the mission and daily operations of Olbrich Botanical Gardens.


Canopy Sessions | Friday, March 6

Spring Flower Show | March 7-22

Spring Flower Show Plant Sale | Monday, March 23

Cocktails in the Conservatory | Friday, March 27

Canopy Sessions | Friday, April 3

Olbrich Botanical Gardens is operated as a public-private partnership between the City of Madison Parks Division and the Olbrich Botanical Society.
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