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Children of the Rainforest

The Children of the Rainforest series celebrates cultural differences in rainforest regions around the world with authentic performances of music and dance. The series offers performances for children and families and includes free admission to Olbrich’s tropical Bolz Conservatory.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Goongoo Peas

Goongoo PeasGoongoo Peas, Sonia Valle and Afi Lake, are a Caribbean folk music duo. The group’s name comes from the Gunga peas or Congo peas, a tropical perennial green pea, that when full, come in a variety of colors together like peas in a pod.

The Goongoo Peas’ interactive show features Caribbean dancers and a variety of percussion instruments including:

  • Djembe, a rope-tuned, skin-covered hand drum
  • Clavis, or cylindrical hard sticks that make a high clanking sound
  • Cowbell, a hand percussion instrument used in various styles of music, including sals
  • African Shereke, a beaded instrument
  • Cabasa, similar to the Shereke with loops of steel ball chain wrapped around a cylinder; kazoos
  • Circular and rain stick shakers made from gourds and filled with gravel, seed, beads


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kalaanjali School of Indian Dance

Kalaanjali School of Indian Dance The Kalaanjali School of Indian Dance is directed by founder Meenakshi Ganesan. The name of the school represents the offering of the arts of dance and music. 

Kalaanjali 's Bharatanat yam students receive rigorous training in the Natyashast ras, one of the greatest creations in the field of dance, drama, and theater. While the scope of Natyashast ras is well beyond dance, the Natyashast ras offer a systematic education in the basic dance steps, hand gestures, foot movements, eye movements, neck movements, rhythms, facial expressions, and the other rules and principles that make up the foundation of the dancing art. 


Performances at 10:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.

Tickets available at the door starting a hour before each performance.

$5 Adults (ages 13 & up)

$3 Child (ages 12 & under)

FREE ages 2 & under

Admission includes entry to Olbrich's tropical Bolz Conservatory

Doors open to the performance space approximately 30 minutes prior to each performance.


GLEAM: Art in a New Light - August 31 - October 28

Thai Fest - September 24

CRACKLE: Fire & Froth - September 29

Cocktails in the Conservatory - November 17

Holiday Express - December 2 - 31

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