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Olbrich's Rose Tower and GardenCharitable IRA Rollovers

What is a charitable IRA rollover?

The charitable IRA rollover is a special provision allowing certain donors to exclude from taxable income - and count toward their required minimum distribution - certain transfers of IRA assets that are made directly to public charities, including the Olbrich Botanical Society.

What gifts qualify for a 2013 charitable IRA rollover?

A gift that qualifies must be:

  • Made by a donor aged 701/2 or older
  • Transferred from a traditional or Roth IRA directly to a permissible public charity, such as the Olbrich Botanical Society
  • Completed in calendar year 2013 for the 2013 tax year
  • Between $100 to $100,000 per taxpayer

How do you take advantage of this popular tax-wise giving option?

Ask your IRA custodian to send any distribution directly to the Olbrich Botanical Society, 3330 Atwood Ave., Madison, WI 53704.

What about 2014 and beyond?

As of this writing, this special tax advantage has not been extended beyond its current December 31, 2013 expiration date.

Considering this option, but need more information? Please contact Katy Morgan-Davies, Director of Development and Marketing, at 608-246-4583 or kmorgan@cityofmadison.com.


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