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GLEAM, Art in a New Light features a local, national and international group of artists

creating light-based installations in the outdoor gardens and the Bolz Conservatory.

Experience the gardens after dark and be dazzled and inspired.

2019 GLEAM Installations

SWF Light Installation  SWF Light Close Up

SWF (Light)

Fused glass, steel, digital projection, sound

Scale: 10' x 10' x 10'

Jen Fuller, Artist

Portland, OR

Double Helix Installations  Double Helix Overall View

Double Helix II

Black iron pipe, galvanized, stainless steel wire rope,

steel EMT covered with transparent heat shrink, and nylon globes

Scale: 20' tall x 90' long

George Neil and Kevin Jordan, Artists

Williamburg, VA


Breathe  Breathe - Young Woman View


Neon hung from stainless steel

Scale: 14' tall x 17' wide

John Bannon, Artist

Chicago, IL

To Afar the Water Flows - close up  To Afar the Water Flows - Overall View

To Afar the Water Flows

Projector; media player, L brackets, and Marine Grade Plywood

Scale: 7.5' x 12'

Yuge Zhou, Artist

Chicago, IL


Bifrost Overall View Bifrost


PEX tubing, programmable LED light strips, Arduino microcontrollers and Teensy USB development boards, metal frame matching the arch profile, bolted flat steel plates, 3D printed clips

Scale: 8 ’x 9 ’x 160’

Wisconsin Community Burners, Artists

Madison, WI

Sphere of Influence with family 

Sphere of Influence

geodesic dome, 1,500 individually controllable LED lights, speakers, flood lights

20' 4V dome

Paul Hayden, Artist

Stone Bank, WI


Color Current Installation  Color Currents with three people

Color Currents

Projector, camera, lycra, custom software, infrared lights

Scale: 15' x 10' x 2'

Cory Barr, Artist

Oakland, CA

Atomic Forest close up  Atomic Forest

Atomic Forest

Individually addressable LEDs, Polyethylene crosslink tube, Aluminum, Copper Steel

Scale:(3) 20’ tall trees with 8’ wing span at the top

Katherine Cannistra and Geoff Landrum, Artists

Hales Corners, WI




2018 GLEAM Installations

  Reincarnature GLEAM  Reincarnature GLEAM


Welded metal framework / LED strips / plastic made from 100% recycled milk jugs / Sound system

Benjamin Smith & Riley Hays, Designers

Madison, WI


  Haven GLEAM  Haven GLEAm


Twine / UV-reactive paint / UV lights

Megan Mosholder, Artist

Brooklyn, NY


  Connection GLEAm  Connection GLEAM


Thread / Colored up-lights

Bart Ensing, Artist

Culemborg, The Netherlands


  Lasing Nang Talung GLEAM  Lasing Nang Talung

Lasing Nang Talung

Fabric screens / Laser lumia projectors / Buffalo hide puppets / Arduino circuit boards / Sound system

Mike Gould, Artist

Ann Arbor, MI


Prairie Cord GLEAM  Prairie Cord GLEAM

Prairie Cord

3D-printed ceramic bricks / CNC-routed wooden framework / LED strips

Brian Peters, Designer

Pittsburgh, PA


  Constellations GLEAM  Constellations GLEAM


Acrylic mirrors / Video projection / Sound system

Esteban Garcia & Max Carlson, Designers

Lafayette, IN


  Basics #27 GLEAM  Basics #27 GLEAM

Basics #27

Untreated 2x4s / Screws / Up-lights

Matthias Neumann , Artist

Brooklyn, NY


2017 GLEAM Installations

Awareness  Awareness


Fiber optics / Video projection / DMX LED / Sound system

Benjamin Smith & Riley Hays, Designers

Madison, WI


Cazadore  Cazadore

The Clearing


Acrylic material with fluorescent substances / UV LED

Rene Hildebrand, Artist and creator of the Cazador-del-sol



A Light Rain   A Light Rain

A Light Rain

Lasers /LED fixtures / DMX controller/ Truss structure & Drip nozzles

Mark Penisten, Designer

Madison, WI


Growth and Change   Growth and Change

Growth + Change

Plastic (HDPE and LLDPE) tubes / RGB LED tape

Sunil Garg, Designer

Summit, NJ


Unseen   Unseen


Wood / Resin / LEDS / Sound system

James Caldwell & Annette Czarnecki, Artists

Madison, WI


Electric Waffles   Electric Waffles

Electric Waffles

Aluminum / Minleon RGB strip lighting & NDB controllers

Paul Hayden, Exhibit collaborator

Hartford, WI


Awakening   Awakening


Aluminum / Side Glow Fiber optics / LED / Proximity Sensors

Leland Drexler-Russell, Designer

St Louis, MO


2016 GLEAM Installations


   Portal  Portal  


Tinted plexiglass / Aluminum / Steel posts / LED flex tape

Victoria Reed & Keenan Lampe, Artists

Madison, WI

Jonathan Adams, Lighting Designer

Twilight Solutions, Lake Geneva, WI



Dvēseles Dziesma (The Souls Song)

Projection / Sound system

Ted Brusubardis, Artist

Milwaukee, WI


Ignus   Ignus


Recycled plastic bags / Acrylic Worsted Weight Yarn / RGB LED spheres / Dimmable Lighting Fixtures

Katey Pratt, Artist

Fitchburg, WI

Dan Schmitt, Lighting Designer

Avant Gardening and Landscaping, McFarland, WI


Fire Monkey   Fire Monkeys

Fire Monkeys

Wire / Plasticized Painted Rice Paper / LED flex tape / Sounds System

Laurie Rossbach & Jennika Bastian, Artists

Madison, WI

Craig Kittleson, Lighting Designer

Kittleson Landscape, Blue Mounds, WI


Yahara   Yahara

Yahara Waters : Yahara Clouds

Fabric / Metal / LED flex tape

Lisa Koch, Artist

Madison, WI

Paul Ganshert, Lighting Designer

Ganshert Nursery & Landscaping, Fitchburg, WI


Gete   Gete


Fabric / Resin / Metal / Willow / LED flex tape

Brenda Baker, Artist

Madison, WI

Andy Smith, Lighting Designer

Independent Landscape Solutions, Appleton, WI


becomes a star   becomes a star

becomes a Star, where a star is magic

Wood / LED flex tape

Roy Staab, Artist

West Allis, WI

Jonathan Adams, Lighting Designer

Twilight Solutions, Lake Geneva, WI


2015 GLEAM Installations



Metal / Glass / LED

Laura Richards & Wm. Grant Turnbull, The Paradigm Forge, Artists

Madison, WI

Patrick Devereux, Lighting Designer

Stone Oak Landscapes, Milwaukee, WI


Murmuration   Murmuration


Sugar maple veneer / Steel / LED

Nadia Niggli, Artist

Madison, WI

Pat Blair, Lighting Designer

Blair Lawn & Landscape, Madison, WI


Tongues   Tongues


Cast Amber Glass / Metal / Fiber optics

Kristin M.Thielking & Keven Brunett, Artist

Stevens Point, WI

Matthew Hanna & Kevin Smits, Lighting Designers

Moyer's Inc, Stoughton, WI


Rearview Stream

Rearview Stream

Wood / Rearview / LED / Lasers

Dianne Soffa & Tom Kovacich, Artists

Safi Studios, Milwaukee, WI

Craig Kittleson, Lighting Designer

Kittleson Landscape, Blue Mounds, WI


Luminous Grass   Luminous Grass

Luminous Grass

Cedar / Exterior-grade mylar rice paper / LED

Aaron Laux, Artist

Aaron Laux Design, Madison, WI

Joe Hanauer, Lighting Designer

Landscape Architecture LLC, Madison, WI


Florid and Droll   Florid and Droll

Florid & Droll

Stained Glass / LED

Artist: Karl Unnasch, Artist

Pilot Mound Design, Chatfield, MN

Jon Adams, Lighting Designer

Twilight Solutions, Lake Geneva, WI


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