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Blue orbs



ARTISTS: Ben Smith & Riley Hays, Madison, WI

Location: Back Tram Path Near Beehives

Enter the world where the butterflies bloom! An immersive sound and light odyssey inside of two chrysalises, you are invited to interact with found sounds, color gradiance and shifting visuals that paint reflective surfaces with a textured glow. A continuation of our first installation Awareness, this exhibit is a sequel in an audiovisual series that celebrates self-expression, transformation, and community empowerment through art.


Reel with Red dots



ARTISTS: Megan Mosholder, Brooklyn, NY

Location: Rose Garden Gazebo

A site-specific, hand-painted installation intended to mirror the gloaming, otherwise known as twilight: a visually magical time of day when the sun sets and the world is painted with lavender light and delicate shadows. True to its definition, Haven is a refuge for contemplation, a place where the viewer can watch this light-sensitive artwork transform before their eyes from white string to hundreds of glowing laser-like lines woven in parabolic structures throughout the Rose Garden gazebo.


close up strin of bulbs



ARTISTS: Bart Ensing, the Netherlands

Location: Between Event Garden & Rose Garden

Connection is about the relationship between the Honey Locust tree and the ground it grows from. The threads simulate flows of energy or water between the roots and the branches of the tree. Visitors are encouraged to make their own connection with the installation, by walking past and into it.


red lights with blurry bulbs


Lasing Nang Talung

ARTIST: Mike Gould, Ann Arbor, MI

Location: Thai Pavilion

Lasing Nang Talung is a mashup of traditional Thai shadow puppetry and kinetic laser Neo-Op Art. Nang Talung involves small puppets providing shadow images on a rear-projected screen. The light source is usually from an electric light. Here, we replace the traditional lightbulb with lumia, a form of carefully diffracted colorful laser light. A controller console enables visitors to interact with the laser display by waving their hands up and down above specially-designed Theremin controllers.

Special Thanks to Supporters: Bradley Cross, Harmony Hollow, Rajeev Thakur, Salli Christenson, Kathy Greening

reel with tape


Prairie Cord

ARTIST: Brian Peters, Pittsburgh, PA

Location: Sunken Garden Pool

Prairie Cord consists of intricate 3D printed ceramic bricks that are inset into a wooden frame. The unique brick in fill pattern is inspired by the sharp, serrated edges of the prairie cordgrass leaves, native to much of North America. The brick arch is installed in a reflecting pool, to create the illusion of a completed cylinder.


blurry lights



ARTISTS: Carlson Garcia, Lafayette, IN

Location: Bolz Conservatory

Our work explores the interaction of software and light. Constellations uses video-mapped mirrors to encourage awareness of the immediate environment, the physical, and mystical experiences which may arise from the combination of shapes, light, and time. We stumbled upon this mesmerizing effect by accident, opening an entirely new approach to how we illuminate our creations. The name Constellations came from its resemblance to the night sky.


blue tape


Basics #27

ARTIST: Matthias Neumann, Brooklyn, NY

Location: Meadow Garden

Basics #27 is part of an ongoing series of public interventions, exploring an abstracted notion of form, space and utility in public sculpture. Constructed out of 2x4s, the most basic of materials of the contemporary built environment, it is an object of the everyday, that acts as a sculptural signifier from afar, and as an object that can be inhabited, suggesting an active part of the audience in the perception of the work.


blue orbs


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