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Matthias Neumann

Matthias Neumann

Brooklyn, NY

Matthias Neumann is the founder of normaldesign, an interdisciplinary art, architecture, and design praxis working in the interstice between architecture and its related fields. Neumann's wide-ranging practice encompasses museum and gallery-based work as well as more formal architectural works. He has created architectural and artistic projects throughout the US as well as internationally, including a finalist proposal for the World Trade Center Memorial in New York; and exhibitions at venues including Manifesta 8, Spain, the National Museum for Contemporary Art, Bucharest, the Queens Museum, the Jule Collins Smith Museum, and Montalvo Art Center, among others.

Website: www.normaldesign.com

Installation: Basics #27

Location: Meadow Garden

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Megan Mosholder

Megan Mosholder

Atlanta, GA

Megan Mosholder is an artist who operates in the real-world setting of the social-political landscape through site-responsive, sculptural installations. Through the creation of three-dimensional drawings often enhanced by light, Megan emphasizes obscured elements within recognizable objects and correlates the symbolic with lived experience. She is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design and has received numerous awards from institutions such as the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences. Her diverse exhibition history includes an installation in Sydney, Australia (2017), a body of site-specific work that speaks of the lasting impression a fully immersive, multi-sensory artwork can leave on a viewer. Most recently, Megan has been installing commissioned, permanent artworks, including a temporal, light-sensitive piece for Google's office in Pittsburgh, PA (2016).

Website: https://meganmosholder.com/

Installation: Haven

Location: Rose Garden Gazebo

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Brian Peters

Brian Peters

Pittsburgh, PA

Brian is a designer, fabricator, and educator based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Brian received his Master's of Architecture from the University of Illinois, and has taught and practiced architecture around the world, including Chicago, Barcelona, Spain, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. For the past several years Brian has focused on how 3D printing can become a fabrication tool for ceramic objects ranging from homewares to full-scale structures. His research in this field has been widely publicized and has received several prestigious awards, including the 2014 Architect Magazine's R+D Awards, and the 2015 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards.

Website: www.buildingbytes.info

Installation: Prairie Cord

Location: Sunken Garden Pool

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Carlson Garcia

Esteban Garcia & Max Carlson

Lafayette, IN

Carlson Garcia is an interdisciplinary collaborative effort that combines digital art and manufacture. Esteban Garcia Bravo explores computational arts as a researcher, a practitioner and as an educator. He earned his MFA in 2008, a Ph.D. in Technology in 2013, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Computer Graphics at Purdue University. Maxwell Carlson graduated with an Associate's degree in Applied Sciences and Technology. His expertise in machine tool design and technology complement his artistic interests. Since 2012, they have created interactive installations and light experiences for public enjoyment worldwide.

Website: http://carlsongarcia.com

Instagram: instagram.com/carlsongarcia_art

Installation: Constellations

Location: Bolz Conservatory

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Ben Smith & Riley Hayes

Ben Smith and Riley Hays

Madison, WI

Ben is a lighting designer from Madison who has worked in countless venues across the world, enchanting television, film, and theatre sets with his brand of magic, as well as participating in the public art circuit. Riley is a creative writer and visual artist who studied English and French at UW-Madison. Ben and Riley debuted their six-part interactive experience Awareness at Olbrich Botanical Gardens last year.

Installation: Reincarnature

Location: Garden Area Near Beehives

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Mike Gould

Mike Gould

Ann Arbor, MI

Mike Gould, born and raised in Ann Arbor, is a Michigan-based, internationally-recognized laser artist who builds laser light installations for art galleries and museums, and produces laser performances for both corporate and public art events . His ArtPrize 2012 submission won the International Laser Display Association award for Most Innovative Application in the Artistic Award category at the 2013 ILDA Conference. Since then he has won two more ILDA awards. He participated in the juried DLECTRICITY event in 2014, showcasing light based artists from Detroit and around the world. Mike's team for this project included Tom Bray, Krunal Desai, Wayne Gillis, Zita Gillis, Steve Rich, and Draco.

Website: http://mikegouldlaserartist.com/

Installation: Lasing Nang Talung

Location: Thai Pavilion

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Bart Ensing

Bart Ensing

the Netherlands

Bart Ensing is a Dutch visual artist who makes art with and in nature. Whether wooden sculpture or site specific installation, his intention is to make visitors experience nature & trees in a different, more intense manner. With his light installations he creates a meditative experience that invites the viewer to watch, feel, & marvel.

Website: www.bartensing.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bart.ensing.98

Installation: Connection

Location: Honey Locust Tree near Event Garden


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